Mother’s Day…. Ella rouge

Working in a shop full of girls is fun most of the time, being the youngest (during the week) of a fairly old (hahaha… ok not they’re not that old) staff does tend to mean that i get mothered a little. I always get to hear there advice and options (weather i want them or not!) on whatever is going on in my life and in return they always get to listen to me winge about it (weather they want to or not… haha) So with all the mother’d day festivities this week i suppose i would probably say a Happy Mother’s Day to them all as well!!!

Mothers Day is always a bit of fun and games in here, everything turns shades of pink and purple and flowery! Opening for special mothers day deliveries on the sunday is a bit of fun too. When Ella Rouge approached us for some ideas for all theyre Sydney stores to promote mothers day sales we came up with some cool different options for them. The one they ended up choosing was a Flower column, with  2 handmade flowers, in pinks with a touch of yellow.. They looked pretty cool i think! After hours and hours from all the girls to get these inflated and 1 hectic day to get them all delivered (We made quiet an impression walking through all the shopping centres, all coming back with a few good stories to share!) All the Ella Rouge stores recieved at least 2 of these to brighten up the store!

Happy Mother’s Day!! 


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