Destination….. Queensland!

Chatting in the shop about deliveries the other day one of the girls asked me what the furthest delivery i had done was… I looked at her (apparently with a very skeptical look on my face) “Queensland?!” Only a couple of weeks ago did the girls have to struggle (haha) without me, so that i could go to the middle of now where Queensland (and i mean the middle of no where!!).

Now just to be clear i don’t have a fear of flying… My fear isn’t that the plane is going to crash and we are all going to die or that we would be stranded on some random island where strange things happen.. My fear is of the pain that comes with flying, i cant pop my ears so every flight ends in SO much pain, and a couple of days of deafness.. But some how i still get picked for these sorts of things.. i would like to here point out that it is my amazing talent or personality.. but just quietly its because I’m the one with out kids and an family commitments! So after 2 flights i finally arrived in Emerald a small mining town.. after picking up the hire car (this was pretty exciting.. i do like driving different cars and this one was quite fun!) finding the electrical supply store and picking up the order i had placed the week before (try explaining to an electrician that you want to get conduit and concrete to make a balloon arch… they thought i was crazy!) the chemist (more neofen for the ears) and finding the place i was staying (ended up being 20km out of town… i really got to test out that car!) making the balcony look like a construction zone while i concreted and started construction for the arches and columns.

Up early the next morning, i entered a real life construction zone… looking around at this what looked to me like a half build shopping centre, all i could think was, they would need a mircale to open this place tomorrow! But never the less i annoyed the entire woolies staff with the very loud sound of the air inflator (lucky for me i still couldnt hear out of one ear!).. For pretty much the entrie day… While the all kept walking past saying how great it looked, i do think they where very happy to see me leave.. So just to share the love around  i then went and annoyed the Big W staff, though they were a little smarter and sent me to the loading dock to inflate! Walking through the centre on the way out, it had started to resenble an actual shopping centre.. and as late as it was (sun was setting!!) there was still a few hundred people working away… pretty sure they would have had to work all night but they got it done!

So up early to check out, return the hire car and get the 2 flights back home.. totally exhausted but pretty please with the job done! After receiving glowing reports from all the staff and managers in both the stores (pretty sure they had never had anything like it in emerald before by the way they were talking!) Was very happy to be on the way home (of course that’s always when you get  to sit next to the most talkative people on the plane!)

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