Birthdays!! Happy 18th Catriona!

Recently one of our favourite staff (don’t worry girls i love you all!) turned 18! So in turn balloon fashion we had a little competition (yes there was plenty of other work to be doing.. but why not.. you only turn 18 one right?!) So in the creative ring we had the boss Alissa and myself… After spending a week in adelaide for the Australian balloon convention we hoped that Alissa had brought some new ideas and skills back with her.. So after fighting each other for inflators and quite a bit of playful banter.. we had 2 very different creations. An ice cream sundae (After much discussion made in blue, because it was decided she likes blue… someone was very pleased to see her wearing a blue cardigan in her photo!) and an owl chilling in a tree. Delivering them down to Catriona’s place just before she arrived home from uni…. She tells us that she loved both (however not which she liked better!!) So at the end of all this (and still with a lot of work to do for the day) we still don’t  know who the winner is??? Both being quite competitive people (who doesn’t like bragging rights!!) this is a bit of a shame.. maybe we can convince her to tell us next birthday… Not sure if we ever actually told Catriona but the Sundae was Alissa’s creation and the fantastic owl mine!

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