Celebrity Apprentice

6:30am seemed way to early to have to be up and in redfern to make a balloon arch. Then when the girls informed me that the event was only going to last an hour, i was totally confused.. this all seemed like a very strange event. Driving down the driveway into the refern carriage works did nothing to change this feeling! Beautiful old buildings but everything looked deserted. Further down the path was a hive of activity, there were people running around everywhere. After setting up the arch in the chosen spot and taking the always neccesary 1 billion photos it was back to the shop to get on with the day. I was still totally unaware of what the event was for! It wasnt until a few days ago when Alissa mentioned “Your arch is on Celebrity apprentice tonight” and after a lot of hits (a couple of months ago is a long time to remember a delivery) mostly consisting of how much i had liked the location! That i realised that this was the delivery, and suddenly it all made sence! And of course we were quite excited to see it on TV!!

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