DIY Kits

Helium Do-It-Yourself Kits.

Hire our easy to use “Do-It-Yourself” helium balloon kit.

All our Do It Yourself Decorator Kits include:

  • Hire of Helium Cylinder & Regulator Nozzle.
  • Full size 11″ / 28cm Decorator Quality Latex balloons in your choice of Standard or Pearl colours (see colour chart).
  • Pre tied Ribbons and clips.(In your choice of colours)


Please not Australia is currently experiencing a severe helium shortage along with the rest of the world which has forced the price of helium to more than double in the last 6months

Please feel free to contact us for prices on other quantities

Decorator Kits

Using 11″ 28cm full size Helium quality balloons. Number of Balloons (fill up to)

50 = $125 out of stock 
100 = $175 out of stock 
300 = $425 limited availability 

For all other quantities call 0410 344 868 or visit our Contact Page. All our Do It Yourself Decorator kits include:
* Hire of helium cylinder & regulator nozzle
* Full size 11″/28cm Decorator quality latex balloons in your choice of Standard or Pearl colours. (see our colour chart)
* Pre-tied clipped ribbons (in your choice of colours).

Delivery and pick-up charges are additional.

To substitute for PRINTED balloons add an additional 50cents each.

Additional Charges

Substitute for a PRINTED balloon = $1.35
Delivery Charges each way = from $49.50 each way 
Overdue Late Fees = $11.00 /day

Also Available

60cm sticks & cups = $0.75 set
40cm sticks & cups = $29.50 /100 (up to 1000)
Quantities over 1000 = $27.00/100
Air Inflator = $45.00 /day
Rolls of Curling ribbon = $7.50
Clipped Ribbon = $15.00 /100
Professional Balloon Inflator $45.00 /hr
(minimum 3 hours excluding travel time)

deal to maintain regular size & shape.
Also great to relieve the hosts of the hassle of inflating

We can also supply just helium or pre-tied ribbons and clips. Minimum Kit is 50 balloons.

Additional Charges are:
Delivery and pick up of cylinder (each way). Substitute plain balloons for printed balloons. Weights to attach balloons to.

Visit our contact page and our friendly staff and they will assist you with heaps of advice and a no obligation free quote.

Choose your do it yourself kit balloon colours here!

Fashion colours-

These colours have a standard or Matt finish to the balloons.

Metallic colours –

These  colours have a pearl metallic shine to the balloons.